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Today’s post is shared by Dennis Byron, a friend of mine and  a Broker (and Realtor) of Byron & Associates in Los Gatos, CA.  Over coffee last week, he shared this story with several local agent friends and he kindly agreed to retelling it for my readers here.

Dennis ByronIn the early eighties I owned, with investors, the Jeffery Hotel, the
Magnolia Saloon and most of the other buildings in Coulterville, California.

The Hotel and Restaurant had been closed for years. I was working on
remodeling the hotel at the time and the restaurant was to be the last of
the items I was going to work on. It still had the chairs and table in the room just as it was after Ed Sacket, the former owner, died. He had owned
it since the 40’s.

I had stayed over in the hotel with one of my investors named Jim. I had
just come down stairs and was walking around the porch, which circles the building, enjoying the morning air, when I saw Jim standing by the front door of the restaurant. He did a double take and asked  “How did you get out here?” I replied, “what do you mean?” Jim informed me that he saw a man sitting in the restaurant and assumed it was me. I told him that I hadn’t been in the restaurant in days. He insisted that he had seen someone sitting in there. We went into the bar, where a picture of Ed Sacket hung and Jim said that’s the guy he saw in the restaurant.

Of course it couldn’t have been, since Ed had been dead for years….or could it have been?

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