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Just Moved!

We (Haunted Real Estate Blog) have just moved. The new permanent URL will be simply (instead of Several days ago I signed up for hosting at GoDaddy, and my 17 year old whiz kid son has been getting things set up so that this blog could be moved to the new “place” on the web. It’s going to take me a little while to get the look and feel the way I want it and to learn the ins and outs of how to run the blog from the new location. My understanding is that if I host it myself, instead of on the site, I have a little more leeway and ability to add bells and whistles.

Thanks in advance for your patience. Meanwhile, please visit my page at for other interesting stuff along these lines!

Warm regards from Silicon Valley,

Mary Pope-Handy
Realtor and Collector of Ghost Stories

Today’s mailbag includes a request for assistance in Chicago. Phyllis writes:

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose (built in late 1800s to early 1900s)“I have just bought a house that I heard, after buying, is haunted. There is a mean
entity in the basement. How do I find out about the history of the house? Who died in it, who the entity is? The house was built in 1889.”

Anyone in or near Chicago have any input for her?

Los Gatos Haunt-Spot?

The Shadowlands is a well-respected site with tons of data on haunted places. Recently I was perusing its “Haunted Places” list and noted one with which I was not previously familiar: the Green Valley Disposal Company’s office in Los Gatos (N Santa Cruz near Blossom Hill Road). I can’t copy what the Shadowlands writes about it (copyright violation) so I’ll have to encourage you to follow the link and scroll way down on the page to find the information on Los Gatos to read about it.

Anyone among this readership know if this place is truly haunted?

More On Senter Road Ghost (San Jose)

Yesterday, this comment was left on the Haunted Real Estate Blog regarding a home on a street in east San Jose:

Lam Huynh Says:
July 21st, 2007 at 6:09 am e
I hear from some one said near 7 eleven store at senter road CA san jose ( one of the house leave emty more them 5 years), someone said that wes haunter house, can anyone investigate on this. cross street have a big suppert market. I for got the name is (senter food or center food), can any one update or share the information about this?

A friend of mine, Deb Wible, collects ghost stories in San Jose. So I took this question to her and this was her response today:

When my son went to a prom at the Scottish Rites center in St. James
Park, I was talking to 3 policemen on duty outside the building. I told
them I was interested in haunted sites in San Jose, and asked if they
knew of any. Two laughed, but one said there is a house on Senter that
is so haunted no one will stay in it! My husband and I drove up and down
Senter, which divides into 2 streets, but we couldn’t tell which house
it was.
Deb Wible

Anyone else have more infomation on the house on Senter Road, San Jose?

Maryanne’s Experience of Ghosts

This lengthy, fascinating email came to me on Friday, July 20th, and I was given permission by the sender to share it. Amazing stuff! -Mary

Blur - photo by Mary Pope-HandyHi Mary,

My story is:

In 1999, my husband and I bought a basic, simple and very average tract home built circa 1975, in Union City, California.  There was nothing about this simple-white-with-blue trim home that said “haunted”, but it was. 

What we noticed first was seeing movement out of the corners of our eyes.  It actually got annoying because if you looked, you would see nothing.  Also, late at night I would be the only one up working on the computer in the front room and was always bothered by the sensation of someone behind me, watching me.  I got so tired of turning around that I forced myself not to look after awhile.

Curiosity got to me so I finally put a voice-activated tape recorder in that room one night when I knew our children (my sons from a previous relationship and his daughter from a previous) would be away for the weekend.  The next morning I found that I did get an EVP on tape.  It was a child’s voice and it sounded like he/she were saying “I’m sorry.  It’s not my fault.”  I felt instantly “motherely” and safe thinking we had a child’s ghost here so I put the recording away and soon forgot about it.

Continue reading

Haunted House Sought in Los Angeles Area

I do get folks emailing me who want to buy or sell haunted homes (not in Silicon Valley so far, though). Today’s mailbag includes one from a potential buyer in southern California. The budget is low so fixers and other distressed properties are being targeted – included in that idea  of “distressed” would be haunted or otherwise stigmatized homes. 

Must haves? Liveable (even if a fixer), in or near LA County, single family home. Prefer: at least 2 bedrooms, larger lot.

This person said only “our budget is low” so I’m not sure how low…. Email me privately if you are in or near LA and you have a match.

Ghosts at the Moss Beach Distillery

The Moss Beach Distillery has great views and a colorful history. It’s also for sale, if you’re interested in buying a haunted restaurant where they really play up the ghost angle.

Part One:

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Part Two:

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Ghost Conference This Weekend in Gettysburg

Got Ghosts?No tickets sold at the door. The website says today is the last day to buy tickets online:

Learn to Ghosthunt

If you’re interested in learning how to ghost-hunt, there are plenty of ways to do it. Several people and organizations have devised courses they can sell you. There are books on the topic too. Or you can join your local ghost hunting or ghost trackers society and learn by doing (usually at no cost).

I cannot endorse any of the following resources, but offer them to present the range of options I found online.  If you do a websearch you can find many more of these. How qualified are these folks or institutions? I don’t know. Some may have formally studied parapsychology. Some may have learned from the school of experience. Anyway, here’s a sampling. Enjoy.

First, courses and materials:

Live & in Person Course – an overnight “bootcamp” for students of ghost-finding is being offered on Aug 11 and 12 in Philadelphia. For more info, see post on the website.

Ghost Chasers International (Patti Starr) offers a $150 home-study course with lots of material you can order online.

The International Ghost Hunters Society has been around over a decade and they have a big online presence with two types of membership: free (limited) and paid (to see more ghost pics, for instance). This couple offers not just one course, but several from which to choose. They have also written a lot of books (and even more articles) on various aspects of ghost hunting. They are perhaps the most prolific “how to ghost hunt” folks on the web. The first course offered is the IGHS Certified Ghost Researcher Home Study Course, which is on CD and for which the cost is $99.

If you’re looking to spend a little less, a book or an ebook might be a good way to get your toes wet with this stuff.

The Ghost Hunter’s Bible by Trent Brandon can be bought online at Amazon and many other venues.

Just to confuse things, there is also an ebook with the same title, but is a totally different book, that also looks promising:

The Ghost Hunter’s Bible by J. Michael Atencio. This one is $6.99 and you download it to your computer when you pay.

Another ebook, affordably priced but apparently pretty comprehensive, is available fro for $17.97 (and the author promises a guarantee of satisfaction or your money back). The title is A Ghost in Every House – A Guide to Ghost Hunting, Hauntings, and the Paranormal.

Does free appeal to you? I stumbled upon a free ebook, in pdf form, and will be reading it shortly myself. The ebook has the humble title of Ghosthunting Course (by Thomas Cooney) and is located on the website.

Tips from The Shadowlands: Ghost Hunting 101 Tips.

This list should keep you busy for awhile!

Want to Buy a Haunted House?

Because of my Haunted Real Estate page (, I get emails at times from folks who either want to buy or sell a haunted place.

Germaine's Haunted House in ArizonaThis week I got an email from Germaine, and she was pleased that I offered to post her information on the home she has to sell here on this blog. Photos and information are hers and I can warrant none of it. She writes:

“The house is in Tucson, right now it is on a trailer and can be moved anywhere. An old woman died in it. The rumor in the neighborhood where it sat was that it was haunted. It sat vacant for years, the neighbors near it now say they hear voices from inside the house at night. I’ve attached a picture. It is made of redwood and was built in the early 1930s or earlier as one of the Depresssion Era work projects, it was a dwelling at a small research facility called the Desert Grasslands Station on an experimental range south of Tucson. In 1959 it was sDesert Grasslands Station from 1935old at auction and moved into Tucson. A woman lived in it (and still might) untill she died in the ’80s. I’ve attached a picture. I also attached a picture of it in the Desert
Grassland Station in 1935.”
Germaine didn’t give me an asking price, and it appears that when this home is sold it’s really just the structure (no land). (A little hard to get “comps” for a house this unique!)  If you are interested, please contact her directly at

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