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A Gallery of Haunted Houses

Many thanks to John Reilly of Internet Crusade and Real Town for alerting me to a great article about Haunted Real Estate on the This Old House website.

Artwork by Clair Handy

Fifteen spooky homesites are showcased in this fascinating piece about haunted houses around the country. Photos are provided too.  As if that weren’t enough, in many cases, the identities of the spooks are known.

What a great collection of short stories! Give yourself fifteen minutes to read the tales and soak in the stories.

Just don’t do it right before bed.


PS If that’s not enough, This Old House has another related article you might enjoy too:
Got Ghosts?”

Do YOU Want to Buy A Haunted House?

If you’re looking to buy a haunted house, Dawn Colclasure would like to interview you for an article she’s writing. Please email her at She’s writing this piece now, so contact her right away if you’re in the market to buy a home with a little something extra!

Visit a Haunted Ranch at Grant’s Park
This Weekend

Ever wanted to visit a haunted place by flashlight?  Now’s your chance, if you can get to San Jose this weekend.

Joseph Grant Park, at the base of Mount Hamilton (east foothills of San Jose) has a ranch house that is notoriously haunted.  Join the Ghost Trackers & the park staff and get up close and personal with a spooky home at night!  The cost for admission is a low $5.

Friday the tours run from 8pm -midnight. Saturday they are from 8-11pm.

To make your reservation, call (408) 274-6121

Realtor Magazine Gets Spooky
for Halloween

Realtor Magazine is the trade publication for the National Association of Realtors. In honor of Halloween, this month’s edition includes some “in the trenches” stories from real estate professionals who’ve had some scary stories while doing their work.

Check out the Haunted Houses piece from Realtor Magazine!

Agents: how about you? I’d like to hear your “while doing real estate” spooky encounters here! Please comment!

Orange County Ghost Hunting

Yesterday I got an email from a nice gal in Orange County who has a connection to a ghost hunting group there. If you’re interested in finding out more, email me and I will put you in touch with Marlitt. Additionally, she has a close friend who’s a psychic in that same area. So whether you want to check out ghosts or get rid of them in OC, we’ve got a source!

Winchester House in San Jose:
Haunted or Not Haunted?

My friend, Deb Wible of San Jose, also collects local ghost stories. She sometimes gives tours of the haunted places of San Jose – with the proceeds going to charity. She is a preservationist and her interest in history nicely intersects with her interest in ghosts.

Window to nowhere at the San Jose Winchester Mystery HouseOne of my more interesting emails this week came from Deb and it was regarding the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose (the very heart of Silicon Valley).  Thought I’d share with you her words about whether this famous landmark is haunted.

When I tell people I do ghost tours, the FIRST thing they always ask me is if Winchester is haunted. I’ve heard yes and no. One authority said no, my son, who was a tour guide there for 6 months, said no.

Another worker there told me yes, and a man who used to work for BFI there told me yes.

Odd doors at the haunted Winchester houseAt a Preservation Action Council ( event, I met an older man named Julius.

He lives in that DeAnza twin tower, which used to be (or is) a medical building with flats above.

When I told him that I wasn’t certain if Winchester was haunted, he told me it most assuredly is.

I asked him why.

He said he was walking by the front gates of Winchester, and heard Sarah, in her own voice, complaining about the “surly union workers” !!!!!

This had a ring of truth to it for a couple reasons.

One of the many stained glass windows from Sara Winchester's Daisy Room in San Jose, CAI’d heard a story that Sarah used to keep close track of her hardware. She was not happy when her workers used her solid gold bolts on the front gate!

Also, her house was being built as America was becoming unionized.

Sorry I don’t have more details, but there’s one Winchester haunting story. J

Haunted Real Estate eCard

This is too good to resist if you’re in real estate especially! It’s a link to an ecard for a haunted house: (click on the haunted one, naturally!)

“Most Haunted” TV Show at Winchester House Oct 19th

The television crew for the British show, “Most Haunted”, will be on site at the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose on October 19th. It will be filming and broadcasting live for 7 hours, according to the show’s website.

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