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Maryland Sellers Don’t Have To Disclose Hauntings

Must home sellers disclose ghostly activity when selling their homes? Apparently not in Maryland!  A few days before Halloween, Kristine Henry wrote a fascinating piece for the The Baltimore Sun that’s a good read: 3BR, 2BA, 1 Ghost.

I have often been asked if ghosts only inhabit older homes, or if someone could get rid of a ghost by tearing down a house and rebuilding it. (The answer is “maybe”.)  The first part of this article discusses the plight of a woman who bought a brand new townhome, only to discover later that it was haunted.

This is a well written article which covers the issue of real estate disclosure law in Maryland and quotes a few experts, such as intuitive psychic Nancy L. Fox and investigative medium Laine Crosby as well as Realtors and a real estate attorney, about the potential of selling a haunted piece of real estate and what to do about it.

 3BR, 2BA, 1 Ghost

Many thanks to Adrienne Foster for sending me this link.

Sightings in Los Gatos: Is Poet’s Canyon (the Area Near The Cats) Haunted?

The Cats of Los GatosToday I received a comment on my Live in Los Gatos blog regarding the Cats, Leo and Leona, which guard the entrance to Poet’s Canyon in Los Gatos. Is the area haunted? The writer, Kenny, heard rumors about it and is wondering if there’s more information about this available. Below are his comments. If you know anything, please leave your comment here!

Posted by: Kenny Date: Nov. 2, 2008 My English teacher told us a story about the “Stone Cats of Los Gatos”.  Back in college, he took folklore, and as part of that class, he, in a group of 5 other people, had to find a local story or legend and make a presentation.   Well, they heard the story of these stone cats of Los gatos.  They’re on either side of a gate off highway 17 just before the Los Gatos exit headed towards Santa Cruz.  They decided to take a trip up there one night to see the cats and head up the road beyond them.  The local legend had it that in the forest beyond the cats lived a troupe of albino cannibals.  So, these 6 idiot college kids found the gate, popped it open, and headed up the road beyond.  about a mile in, they start to see a shitload of red eyes in the forest around them.  Everybody starts freaking out.  Then suddenly, their truck dies.  So the three guys in the group (my teacher included) decide to head up the road (not back the way they came, remember: idiot college kids) to find a house to call for help.  Sure enough, they find a house.  My professor insists that he remembers this house vividly, and the other two guys say they saw exactly the same thing.  They get 50 feet away from the house, and it vanishes.  The three run back to the truck down the road, scaring the heck out of the girls in the truck.  They eventually get the truck started, and haul back down to the highway.  As they exit the gate, they look back at the stone cats.  The eyes of the cats are glowing red. Whats the scoop on stuff like this?

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