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Carlsbad Agent Has Ghost Stories Too

 This has been a great week for my mailbag!! I do not know Cynthia but received this email from her and thought the loyal readers of the Haunted Real Estate Blog would enjoy reading about her experiences and insights. Thank you, Cynthia, for your post!Cynthia BushmanI have had encounters before I landed into the business of selling homes. Then, I got into real estate, once in a while I can feel when the house is ‘occupied’ whether it’s vacant or not once I open the door. If I am alone previewing homes, I do not enter the property when I feel ‘something’ is telling me not to enter, then I don’t go inside out of respect. If I have clients with me, saying a little prayer seems to work although the feeling that someone is present stays with me.

Well, it may just be me so I do not see any point of scaring clients.

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Jackie Colson-Miller: “Is it a ghost? Or a Poltergeist?… Let’s Just Call it “Scary”!

Jackie Colson-Miller, CIPS  Jackie Colson-Miller is another friend of mine from the Blogosphere. Like Ines (post a few days ago), Jackie was another particpant in Project Blogger. This post of hers is pre-Realtor days, when she was a college student in Providence, RI. Interesting stuff. Thanks, Jackie!

Anyone who has lived in “off campus” housing in college can appreciate a great house, in a great location (out the front gate) at a great price…the tagline is…there’s always a “catch”

Many years ago, as a college senior, just back from my Junior Year Abroad in Switzerland, my roommates and I rented this “prime” property just off-campus in Providence, Rhode Island. Several groups of students had lived there over the previous years and it was considered THE place to live. We considered it a “coup” to have been the chosen tenants.

Just days after moving in, some weird things started to happen. The back door would suddenly open. We would hear footsteps on the porch and heading up the stairs to the storage room. Salt and pepper shakers would be found under the sink….WEIRD stuff. After three visits by the local police, they assumed we were just a little crazy and told us not to call them again. We chalked it all up to the “home for troubled girls” next door and figured they were just pranks.

About 6 weeks into the adventure, at a homecoming event, one of the previous tenants, a guy who had graduated the previous year, couldn’t wait to pose the question. “Hey Jackie…how’s life with Mrs. Walsh?” “Who”, I said. Jimmy was quick to tell me the story of the landlord’s mother, Mrs. Walsh, who died in the house. She sat on the porch every day and watched the students walk to campus. “She said she would never leave the house”, he said ”when I knew it was you who moved in, I couldn’t wait to ask you about it”. So much for disclosure among friends! Just that afternoon, I had been in my closet, choosing something to wear for this momentous event, and one of my roommates was sitting on the bed. “Something” touched her arm…it was just the beginning of our wild adventures with “Mrs. Walsh”.

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Phoenix Realtor Gets Ghost at Open House!

 Cecil Duarte is another Realtor buddy of mine. He works the Phoenix metro area market and he shared the following story of an unusual open house. Wow! Thanks for sharing, Cecil! Great story. Below is his unedited tale.

I took a listing several years ago from a long time client in the Phoenix area. When I met him at the property which was an occupied townhome- He never mentioned anything about a ghost.

It was during an open house later into the listing that I was in the living room and saw an image or what I thought was the client coming into the home and since I was just busy with my work on the laptop- had not heard him come in. I shouted- “ Gosh David- you came back to check on me so soon?” I got no answer so I thought he had gone into the bedroom (since the door was now closed). I do not close and actually go around any property that we are holding open to give it a more open feeling and this was no different. It was open earlier when I had started the open house.

Assuming that he was either in the bathroom or had come back from fighting with his soon to be ex-wife- I just left it alone and knew he would come out and talk with me once his emotions had calmed down.

I continued working on my laptop and also conscience that no prospects had walked through the house so I thought – “GREAT- the small kids in the neighborhood- have either kicked or turned my open house signs around”. I locked up and left to check- still thinking that David needed some time alone.

When I returned- the bedroom door was wide open but no Client. I looked for a note from David and seeing none, went into the bedroom and saw no signs of anyone having laid down earlier. I gave it no more thought and just waited for another 2 hours till the open house was scheduled to close down.

I was supposed to close the open house at 2 pm before it got too hot here in Phoenix but about 45 mintes or at 1:15pm- My client David and his two daughters walk in and say “WELL did you sell our place yet”. I laughed and said- David, you were here earlier and saw that no one was coming through- so why the questions? He looked at me and with a look of bewilderment said “Cecil, I did not come home but went to pick up my kids and took them to Lunch. Oh NO- you were visited by the GHOST!!”

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Miami Realtor with an Experience of the Unseen

Ines and Rick of Miamism.comInes Hegedus-Garcia is a Realtor I “know” from the blogosphere. She and I were in the Project Blogger, both as novice or apprentice bloggers in a long, 14 week competition. We’ve never met but I really feel like I know her! In response to a request I sent out to some of my agent friends for stories about haunted encounters, she wrote me the following (with permission to post it here). Enjoy, and take a peek at her blog, Miamism! Ines was just listed yesterday as one of the Top 12 Women Bloggers in the country. Congrats, Ines!!

I have been known to be sensitive to energy left in homes (if there was a death, if there was violence, if there are pleasant remains…..add twilight zone music).

I had a vacant listing where the owner had passed away and I could feel her presence in a particular area of the house.  One day, while showing it to some customers, one of them turns around to the area where I “feel” her and says, “bye grandma!”

My eyes opened really wide, we all looked at each other and started laughing.

It ends up that he felt her too and was playing with my head (but I had not told them about it) – insert twilight music again.

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Comments from a Real Estate Agent

I get some interesting mail. What’s below is a fascinating comment made to this blog tonight. Rather than leave it buried as a comment (where you’d never see it), I thought I’d post it and respond here. I hope the writer will see it. Great stuff from a colleague of mine in the real estate business. 

“How did you become interested in haunted properties?

“I am skeptical about paranormal stuff. However, I was once showing a large, old two story in south Minneapolis. Every time I left one of the bedrooms I heard what sounded like a large group of people whispering different things at the same time. If I turned around or re-enterd the room, it stopped. Am I crazy? What kind of phenomenon is responsible for this?”

Thanks for asking. I became interested in this stuff after some personal experiences. I wrote about them at (a precursor to this blog). As a Realtor, like you I’m in & out of houses all the time. I’m somewhat intuitive (sometimes more than others) and once in awhile I can really sense things about the home. At times it might just be a general feeling (the home is a happy place, sad place, creepy place etc. – a lot of sensitve real estate agents do this quite naturally) and other times I get something very concrete that seems to gel in my mind (someone died here, a young family lived here, an old woman died here and is hanging around, a whole family died here and they are still here – haunting it). Wish I could do it on demand, but no such luck. These experiences got my curiosity up, so I started the site listed above – it was sooo popular that the next step was to create a blog.

But back to you. That’s a really interesting thing that happened to you. How did you feel? Was it scary, or just odd? What did your buyer make of it?

Got Ghosts? Mary Pope-HandyI have had two Realtor friends of mine relay experiences somewhat like yours. In each case, they were showing homes to their buyers when there were sounds or apparitions that made no sense logically. In one case, it was very very frightening: the sound of snarling, barking dogs as they ascended a staircase to view the bedrooms. Naturally they flew out of there – but there were no dogs there at all. No living ones, anyway.

If you ask 10 people who seem to know something about this sort of phenomena, you may not get 10 different answers, but it’s possible you’ll get 3 – 5 of them! Your experience could have been a haunting (folks who’ve died but not crossed over – just “stuck there”), or it could have been an “imprint” (they’re not really there, but somehow the energy of something that did happen is still stuck there, and it’s repeating itself like a continuous loop recording). Those are the two possibilities that I think are most likely, although there are others too.

Oh, and you’re not crazy! You are just sensitive enough to pick up on a part of life that many people never quite touch.  Many people would love to have an odd experience like yours but don’t. If you seek out a local ghost hunters society, you’ll be amazed at how many people have had something like that happen to them too.

Thank you SO MUCH for writing in today!

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