Haunted College Campuses

Fun post on Huffington with a list of some of the haunted college campuses in the US. It’s not exhaustive, though, as it does not include the “Lone Mountain” part of the University of San Francisco, which is notoriously spooked.

The haunted plantation of St. Francisville, Louisiana

A friend of mine sent over a link to this article on the Mental Floss website about a haunted plantation in St. Francisville, LA, & I thought it was worth sharing. I have been to this town (back in 1984) and there are a lot of gorgeous plantations there. The one we saw was in an area called “Oak Alley” but I don’t recall if we viewed this particular property or not.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, this is a great area of the country to visit.

Amityville Horror House in Long Island Now For Sale

Curbed picked up a Newsday story that “The Amityville Horror House, where Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed six family members in their sleep in 1974—and where a, um, tumultuous month spent in the house by the next owners was turned into a bestselling book and cult classic horror movie—is now on the market asking a cool $1.15 million.”

Get the full story and pics!

Curbed blog post link
Newsday article link

Haunted Tours Article

Many thanks to fellow San Jose area Realtor CJ Brasiel for alerting me to an interesting article in Women’s Day Magazine (online) about haunted tours.  Written by Kimberly Fusaro, the article, “Real Haunted Places“, lists a dozen haunted hot spots around the country that are worth a visit.   The piece is well written, concise, and includes good photos. Have a read!

Haunted San Francisco – Not Your Typical Tourist List of Places To See

It’s no surprise that San Francisco has more than a few ghosts, given its colorful history. What is suprising is the list on the Top Haunted Spots article. Several sites are extremely unassuming and un-scary looking, such as the Safeway at 2300 16th Street, where a ball field used to stand and apparently some players are seen in the aisles, no doubt wondering where their field has gone.

Bay Area Home with Child Ghost

This morning I found an interesting article, Home for Sale, Ghosts Included, from July 2007 about a haunted house in Antioch, CA.

The folks in this home had a little girl ghost who was not scary during the time they lived there. Later, though, they leased out their house and did not tell the tenants about her presence – not a good idea!  Whether leasing or selling, in California, this type of paranormal activy must be disclosed to prospective buyers or tenants.

Their agent did not know about the ghost activity when leasing the home, but found out about it from the tenants after the fact. From that point on, though the Realtor advertised it as being an “atmospheric offering.”

A Gallery of Haunted Houses

Many thanks to John Reilly of Internet Crusade and Real Town for alerting me to a great article about Haunted Real Estate on the This Old House website.

Artwork by Clair Handy

Fifteen spooky homesites are showcased in this fascinating piece about haunted houses around the country. Photos are provided too.  As if that weren’t enough, in many cases, the identities of the spooks are known.

What a great collection of short stories! Give yourself fifteen minutes to read the tales and soak in the stories.

Just don’t do it right before bed.


PS If that’s not enough, This Old House has another related article you might enjoy too:
Got Ghosts?”

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