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Orby Staircase at Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Orbs near staircase at Independence Hall in Philadelphia

We were ending our weeklong family reunion in Cape May, New Jersey, and stopped in Philadelphia for some sightseeing before returning to Virginia to see more family en route home to Silicon Valley.  Here please enjoy a photo taken by my daughter, Clair, of the staircase inside of Independence Hall. I think these orbs may be more than just particles of dust. Have a look and see what you think. (Image has been cropped along right side and is smaller than original size to fit in post but otherwise is unaltered.)

Next, a closeup of the upstairs room where we were free to roam. (I cropped out any faces so as not to horrify unsuspecting tourists who were there on July 5th, 2008.)

Closeup image of orbs in the upstairs room at Independence Hall in Philadelphia

Photos from the Southwest

Today I got a LOT of emails from haunted house enthusiasts from around the country. One of them included quite a lot of great photos and I’ve been given permission to post a few of them here.

These come courtesy of a gentleman in New Mexico, who explained that “I live in a house with a great deal of unusual phenomena, and accidentally discovered anomalies when I took pictures. I hope you  enjoy these.”

Many thanks to my readers who keep things SO interesting around here!

Best regards,

Photos and Healthy Skepticism

Ever get an orb (a ball of light) in a photo you’ve taken? It is possible that it is the result of dust (light hitting it), or a reflection of some kind in the lens. I would not presume that every orb is a sign of a ghost.

But it could be.

In my own experience, I’ve had orbs show up most often in places known to be haunted (e.g., San Jose’s Winchester Mystery House – I had one pic with perhaps a dozen or two dozen orbs in a place that felt haunted to me). I’ve also had a lot of orbs show up during family gatherings, particularly when there were many children present. I see that and think, “of course, they wouldn’t have missed a party when they were alive – why miss one now?”

In looking at photos of ghosts (or purported ones) on the web, I found a site that I particularly liked because of the healthy skepticism the author has, the comments on the photos and what could or likely would not be an explanation, and even the listing of the sources of information (emails from the photographers themselves). So if you’re interested in ghost pics, I would recommend that you take a look at “Ghosts and Apparitions“, a free geocities site that appears to be affiliated with The Shadowlands.