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The Ivy House in Casper WyomingToday I received an email regarding The Ivy House Inn at 815 South Ash Street in Casper, Wyoming, which the owners, Tom & Kathy Johnson, would like to sell. It’s located near the downtown area of Casper and features 3 guest rooms and 2 suites plus the owners’ quarters, which comprises the third floor of the abode. 

It is not the typical commercial property for sale. This one’s haunted, and the ghosts are fairly active. Fortunately, they are not malicious and the Bed & Breakfast has a happy feel, Tom tells me.

What happens there?

“We are also haunted, especially by the woman who was the matriarch of this place when it was a Mormon Colony House.  She also had two Siamese cats, who also remain here.  We have hundreds of pictures with many things, including orbs, vortices, ectoplasm, a full apparition, and several faces (one in a window, and one in a mirror).  And we have voices on audio recording.”

Interested in buying a haunted inn? Contact Tom & Kathy at ivyinn@yahoo.com  or phone them at (307) 265-0974. 

Looking for Haunted Places in Silicon Valley

I’ve attended a couple of Bay Area Ghost Hunters meetings and I have to tell you, this is a really nice, warm, “together” group of people.  Tonight we met at the Starbuck’s in downtown Los Gatos to do some organizational planning, but also to share some stories over a latte or two.

There were some great tales told tonight!

So what does a group with a quirky interest in investigating the paranormal do, besides sipping on sodas and a little java while shooting the breeze about things that go bump in the night?

They plot. They plan.

We’re ready for an outing (in my case, a first field trip with the group – for others, it’s “another outing”).  A visit to a creepy place that harbors more than what usually meets the eye. A haunted place. A haunted building or house.

Bay Area Ghost Hunters are involoved in researching hauntings in and near Silicon ValleyGot ghosts?

We are looking for haunted places in Santa Clara County (or nearby counties) to check out. Do you know of anywhere with a ghost or more in San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos, Los Altos or Palo Alto? The spooky site could be residential or commercial. We’re talking haunted apartments, houses, restaurants office buildings – anywhere the owner or manager would be willing to have a group come in and investigate.
Got ghosts?

Silicon Valley DOES have ghosts.

Let’s hear about ’em.

Ghosts of Vallco Shopping Center in Cupertino

Yesterday I received an email from a Silicon Valley resident who says that as a child, she was in the basement of The Emporium (now Macy’s) at Vallco and saw not one ghost, but a large group of them.

Here’s what she told me about it – she would love any feedback on this place that others might have:

“When I was 12 or 13, shopping at the Emporium, downstairs in the basement, I saw a group, yes group, of spirits, ghosts, I don’t know what to call them. There were about 20-25 of them, all different ages and sizes, all dressed from the previous century, and all with a far look of dread on their faces. They were standing at the glass doors that lead out to the underground parking lot, which is now Macy’s. It was the most scariest experience I have ever had, and as I fled up the escalator and looked back, they were all still there, as though something awful happened to them. Years later when I was newly married, I recounted this story to my husband who turned white, freaked out, and said the same thing happened to him and his friend when he was younger, the same exact place, too. We went together (25 yrs later) with our daughter to the exact location, not sure if we would see them again, but it was FREEZING cold and there was a foreboding in our chests.”

Has anyone else had this experience there? Or know anything of the history of that spot that might shed some light on this?

Haunted Pub for Sale in Indiana

The pub in a western Indiana college town, Terre Haute, offers not one, but two kinds of “spirits” here. One you drink, the other you enjoy – “Casper-friendly” ghosts seem to enjoy the nightlife and the company.

The building is from the late 1800s and could continue on as it is now, a successful pub, or could be used in another fashion. It’s 4000 square feet.

Want more info? The owner has created a website with a few more details. Have a look!

Los Gatos Haunt-Spot?

The Shadowlands is a well-respected site with tons of data on haunted places. Recently I was perusing its “Haunted Places” list and noted one with which I was not previously familiar: the Green Valley Disposal Company’s office in Los Gatos (N Santa Cruz near Blossom Hill Road). I can’t copy what the Shadowlands writes about it (copyright violation) so I’ll have to encourage you to follow the link and scroll way down on the page to find the information on Los Gatos to read about it.

Anyone among this readership know if this place is truly haunted?

Ghosts at the Moss Beach Distillery

The Moss Beach Distillery has great views and a colorful history. It’s also for sale, if you’re interested in buying a haunted restaurant where they really play up the ghost angle.

Part One:

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Part Two:

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