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Humorous article: 4 Tips for Fixing Up Your New Home (That’s Clearly Haunted)

Someone on Facebook shared the link to this article from the humorous blog cracked.com, and I thought my Haunted Real Estate readers would enjoy it too.

4 Tips for Fixing Up Your New Home (That’s Clearly Haunted)

Haunted Real Estate, Rotten Realty Signs for the Season

A friend, fellow Silicon Valley Realtor and fellow blogger, Rick Bonetti, dropped off to me a very cool sign for Haunted Real Estate the other day. He figured that since I collect ghost stories and host this blog, I should have it. (Rick does not believe in ghosts so he gets extra credit for being really good-spirited about the whole topic.)

Rick also told me about a “Rotten Realty: sign, which I thought was also worthy of finding on the web.

Where to find these treasures? I am not sure, but I am suspecting drug stores and crafty stores…er, make that craft stores. The Haunted Real Estate sign now graces the front yard of our Los Gatos Home, and I think I will need to see if I can’t find a Rotten Realty one to go with it.

File this under “products I should have invented”!

Happy Halloween!

Today’s Funny

Today’s haunted humor hails from Realtor Brad Korn of The Korn Team in Kansas City, MO. Brad  is the author of multiple blogs for his work as a Realtor and real estate coach. But he’s also an enormous fan of Halloween! 

The chuckle? Brad joked that this Haunted Real Estate blog is “ghost written”. Not so, but he did make me laugh.

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