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Paranormal Experiences at the Winchester House in San Jose

In Silicon Valley, one of the main tourist attractions is the beautiful and bizarre “Winchester Mystery House”.  This Victorian home has some crazy twists and turns right alongside some exquisite workmanship and fine materials.  Though part of it was destroyed in the 1904 earthquake, the majority of it remains as it was a century ago – an engima which fascinates and confounds visitors.

Naturally I have been through the house which Sarah Winchester built many times. It’s the kind of thing San Jose area locals visit when out of town relatives come to call.  My own experiences have been mixed.  I’m mildly to moderately intuitive.  There have been times when I definitely felt that something else was there … some sort of presence.  At other times, I got nothing.  Interestingly for me, I usually come with a camera, and the times when I felt something have corresponded to the times when “stuff” showed up on my digital pics.  Likewise, when I didn’t sense anything, I had images without orbs or other anomolies.

Tonight I was poking around on the website for the property and found a section called “sightings”.  Now it used to be that employees were disallowed from telling anything about their paranormal experiences on the premisis, so I was more than a little surprised to find a record of the bizarre experiences they’ve had here.  I guess it’s fair for them to have a 180 on this.

So have a look and I hope you enjoy the brief tales as much as I did.