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Paranormal & haunted radio programs can be found in many places online.  Here are a few resources for you:

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Skeptical Sunday: Ghost of a Chance

Recently, I was interviewed by Seth and Molly for “Skeptical Sunday” at on the topic of ghosts, particularly the one(s) at Toys R Us in Sunnyvale, CA. 

They had a number of other guests on this edition too.  The spin, of course, is that of the skeptic, and it seems that none of the other guests/experts were at all open to even the possibility of the existence of ghosts, or possibly of God. (In this edition, it seemed as though all religion and faith were at times dismissed as psychological weakness.)  That part was a suprise to me! 

I would agree that skepticism around the topic of ghosts is a very good practice, and that natural explanations should be sought first, always, when something unusual or seemingly inexplicable occurs. Sometimes, though, there appear to be no natural explanations and perhaps what we’re bumping into is something that cannot be explained logically or scientifically.

Have a listen ~ I’d be interested in hearing your feedback!

Skeptical Sunday: Ghost of a Chance

Radio Interview Tomorrow
on Stigmatized Homes & Haunted Houses

Recently I was contacted by Patty Burgess, a warm and fascinating realty agent & investor in the Philadelphia, PA area, who hosts a real estate radio show.  Having found my blog on this subject, Patty asked if I’d like to be included in tomorrow’s session on haunted and stigmatized real estate. She will be interviewing psychic medium Joseph Tittel and broadcasting from a haunted hotel in Ocean City, New Jersey!  The show will be aired live on the web, so no need to be in PA or NJ to hear what’s happening. I hope you will be able to join us – it will be fun!!

Haunted & Stigmatized Properties Interview Particulars:
Monday, March 10th 4pm EST (1pm in California/west coast)
Show begins at 4pm but the interview will start a little later, around 4:10? 4:15?
Listen live at

Want more?  Both Patty and Joseph have blogs!

Patty’s blog: Blog, Blah, Blah….
Joseph’s blog: Spiritman Joseph

Please join us tomorrow!

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