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Yesterday I received an email from a Silicon Valley resident who says that as a child, she was in the basement of The Emporium (now Macy’s) at Vallco and saw not one ghost, but a large group of them.

Here’s what she told me about it – she would love any feedback on this place that others might have:

“When I was 12 or 13, shopping at the Emporium, downstairs in the basement, I saw a group, yes group, of spirits, ghosts, I don’t know what to call them. There were about 20-25 of them, all different ages and sizes, all dressed from the previous century, and all with a far look of dread on their faces. They were standing at the glass doors that lead out to the underground parking lot, which is now Macy’s. It was the most scariest experience I have ever had, and as I fled up the escalator and looked back, they were all still there, as though something awful happened to them. Years later when I was newly married, I recounted this story to my husband who turned white, freaked out, and said the same thing happened to him and his friend when he was younger, the same exact place, too. We went together (25 yrs later) with our daughter to the exact location, not sure if we would see them again, but it was FREEZING cold and there was a foreboding in our chests.”

Has anyone else had this experience there? Or know anything of the history of that spot that might shed some light on this?