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Today’s post is care of Roshandra Simon, a “sensitive” and Feng Shui expert who resides in the Los Gatos Mountains. To read more about Roshandra and her work, please see the end of this post.

Ah GHOSTS ~ totally enjoy the opportunity to share some personal experiences of this subject and some professional viewpoints on this fascinating subject. Recently I moved into the Los Gatos Area ~ loving it and knowing it’s history I could EASILY pick out the haunted areas in town as I drove past them. Growing up in Chicago and part of  St .Joseph’s parish and Cathedral as my Church, as a child I often SAW Orbs of Lights and fast moving energies near altars and around people in prayer. I also felt an affinity for Angels and often got into trouble in class telling my classmates messages from the angels.  As most ‘sensitives’ find themselves receiving information re messages or are young trance medium and not sure what to do with that.  For myself I just put that to the side till I was older. And then focus on studies.

But like with most sensitives ‘our gifts’ have a way of opening up and years later I found that to be SO true for myself.     In town here in Los Gatos it’s so clear where the ghosts are and hang out ~ observing the living in some cases in other cases just being there occupying mutual spaces as well.Mary in her column has outlined that CLEARLY and that is what actually drew me to her and making a wonderful connection to this sweet gal. There is no doubt she is a voice for this area of interest for people re ghosts and it will be fascinating to see where that all leads her in her book writing and her blogs.  Meantime the subject of GHOSTS.There are some ghosts haunting a space that are completely harmless ~ some are part of the history. Some are part of the energy of a family’s love. Some are there to shake things up as they are not settled spirits or lost souls. Some are there to remind us that our world is overlapped with these other dimensions and we FEEL this but don’t over SEE it.  I also know that while I explored some feng shui material I was giving for a talk many years back at EastWest bookshop, then in Menlo Park, I chose a subject about doorway protectors. Starting with pictures of the gates at Chinatown and then churches and gargoyles and then I decided to include the Winchester House.

WOW that was so much fun as Mrs.Winchester DID not like my taking pictures or pointing out her dark spirit in the window. Even in the presentation the energy of this ghost came thru as a lot of people had experienced the energies of that place. Ghosts can spread that feeling of ‘get out’.J  Now the MOST fascinating area of GHOST experience for me is the East Coast.All Towns have key older buildings and there are ghosts with them. But back east the air is so THICK with spirit and our countries history that you can feel it with hair rasing tingles and prickles on your skin.  I happen to LOVE cemeteries and visiting all of the oldest ones there, I so enjoyed the flavors of the past. John Hancock, the patriots and many more. But my last stop on my first trip out there was Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord Mass. Besides the fact the town had a history re the war and the Minutemen. I was so DRAWN personally to see Sleepy Hollow which by some chance we got there past the bewitching hour, post sunset. But my clients said, being with me they FELT safeto enter a cemetery after hours so we did. Wondering what they knew about ‘me’ ? J That I was going to protect them.

These are all dead people?Spirits and a cemetery is a blessed ground that keeps those energies where they need to be. So for the most part humans are SAFE going there.  .BUT be sure to ask permission of spirit and say a prayer before entering into those realms This is respectfull and wise.  Upon driving around at night which I had not planned all of a sudden  a HUGE amount of TALL spirit lights came into view. I NEVER Saw spirit like tall tubes of light over a grave? So We stopped and I climbed up some stairs with a flash light in hand and I SAW it. Thoreaus’ gravesite .  Upon further exploration, I had stumbled into what is termed Author’s HILL. All four great Authors of the Mid 1800s where interred in this close proximity to each other. They where, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Louisa May Alcott, Emerson.

The Spirits of these four unique authors were all friends, they lived in
Concord at various times near each other. Hawthorne lived also in Salem. Yes, Salem of the witch murder times. All four of these amazing authors left a legacy of books and transendental spirituality and of a history full of dear friendships. To SEE their gossamer spirits like huge slim tall TUBES of light ~ about 10 feet from their graves flowing UP to higher realms totally touched my sense that these where GREAT people of exceptional light.
 Upon coming back there the next day I experienced so profound feelings of writing.Inspirational. I also noted that gifts where left at their graves. Thoreau created the pencil.SO many gifts where pencils left and for writing and his blessings. 

Also the Tubes of Light in my past many visits there back east for client work, I found that it never changes. This for me was also a sure sign that their bones are there in those graves, and also because this was a tight knit group they seem to remain together even thru death. I also came upon a Bed and Breakfeast in town and was also drawn to it.To my surprise the woman that owned it told me this was where the HATHORNE treewas on the Property where all four authors sat and created their writings and explored their friendships.. The tree fell a few years before and she to my additional surprise GAVE me some of the wood from that tree..she had in the basement of the house? 

I have found that cemeteries are such a link to the past and to those that can touch us in a good way and when we find ourselves drawn to those areas we can and should find a wayto explore and see how this type of environment is wonderful to explore interest  in ghosts in. Also when you have a house with a ghost often it’s fairly harmless. But it’s still a good idea to bring in a person that can ‘read ‘ this and help you to understand where the ghost comes from.

Another way is explore the library and old newspaper records and talk to the PEOPLE there the old timers. Ghosts are FUN and you can enjoy the good ones and sometimes we can help the lost ones head to the Light……  Salt a place if you are moving into it to clear old psychic energies. Then get some holy water and add some tap water and bless the entire house inside and out. All Catholic Churches have Holy Water available. Then I usually suggest incense or smudging a space with white SAGE, sweetgrass, and last frankinsence. You can find those supplies all at a local Whole Foods Store. Light a NEW 7 day white candle that you washed first and you invoked with prayer.Asking anyone there to leave the house and with blessings go to the Light.This might need a few prayers and to be repeated ~ but most ghost releases are very light and easy. Also have a large bowl of salted water to absorb negativity or the by products of old energies the house had from people and such. TOSS that out when the day later happens. Let the Candle SAFELY burn all the way down till done.

If you need to do one more water blessing thru the house with lavendar and rosemary herbs and sprinkle in all  the rooms and doors saying..Be gone and Blessings only here of Peace and Love. If there are tougher challenges……Polergeist energy or deeply haunting ghosts or a stigma left from a suicide or murder then call a professional.  ~ pets also leave an energy mark in a space ~ well ENJOY the Hauntings and do read up on Cemeteries and find some local Color….the Winchester house remains a large home for one Ghost. J and there are many stories like that in Town of  Los Gatos.
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