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Shereen stumbled upon this blog and wanted to offer her services in the area of house clearings.  I will list her under resources, as I have my friend Roshandra Simon.

Many people in the real estate business have charming, amazing, humorous, or even frightening stories relating to buying and selling “haunted houses”  A lot of agents who’ve encountered such things have found that these perceived “presences” can delay the sale, or deter potential buyers.  Even without an incident that let potential buyers in on the house’s “condition” it can cause a
house to become less marketable.  I have worked with agents and home owners who have held open houses that very few, or even no, interested parties came to.  Then after “shifting” the energies, often the next day, the phone is ringing, appointments for showings are made, people come and make offers.  At one home for sale in a very desirable neighborhood, after receiving numerous calls all week, a strange thing happened the weekend of the open house. On Sat. only 3 people showed up, and hardly stepped in before they seemed to run away.  I got a desperate and frantic call to come to the house Sat. evening to “shift” it.  After the work was done on the house, on Sun. 34 interested people came by, 12 made offers, and a few people just wouldn’t leave. 

Most houses take on a certain amount of the energy or memories of the people who have lived there prior, even if they are not officially “haunted”.  There are also properties that have attracted a specific apparition who may be in distress and in great need of assistance.  Many years ago, I had an experience that opened my awareness to how common it may be for houses to have other people’s energy hovering around, even nice people, but how undesirable that could make a house to sell.  I often dream of houses I’ve lived in.  One time during such a dream I remembered I didn’t live there any longer, I immediately saw different furniture, decorations, all baseball themed and a brown haired boy, with a badly self done hair cut, sleeping in the bedroom.  Upon waking I worried that I might have been visiting that home in dreams regularly, and possibly “haunting” the boy who was in my old room.  Having worked with children for most of my life, I didn’t like that idea.  A month later I was in the general area of that home, so decided to drive by.  In front of the house was a boy with a baseball glove on.  He had the same
botched up hair cut of the same color and looked the same age of the boy I dreamed of.  Then I was really worried I had been “haunting” this poor kid. 

This, as well as many other experiences, lead me to working with house energy.  The success stories are endless.  It doesn’t take a house to be “haunted” to benefit from cleaning or “shifting” a houses energy before listing it, or especially before new occupants move in.  If a house is really haunted it can be necessary, even crucial to address that issue before transferring ownership.  Even in rentals, or homes where someone currently lives, etc. these processes can be extremely helpful.  Why shouldn’t everyone live in a home that is only full of their energy, and really feels like their own?

I apologize if this sounds like a sales pitch.  This blog caught my attention, and I felt overwhelmingly compelled to drop you a line.  I actually do not advertise, nor do
this work on a commercial basis routinely.  People contact me from shared associations and I try to assist them when my schedule is accommodating, or they express real need.  My training and processes are not common, and can’t really be studied or learned.  Unlike so many methods that are being taught, I only work in ways that are a “win-win” for all involved, including the entities, or residual wandering energies.  Many house clearings are done with intentions that resemble “banishings”, or at best “clearing” into the abyss, unknowingly.  These methods were used by many cultures and are now often misunderstood, or the processes incomplete.  My experience has been completely successful using loving and gentle methods to completely shift even homes that may seem to have a long history of being haunted or harboring confused or undesirable energies. 

Thanks for your time and your blog, I found it rather interesting.

                                                                                    wishing you joy, Shereen

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.  -Author Unknown

Shereen Manalani
Servicing the Santa Cruz, San Jose, and greater SF Bay Area, of California in person, or can assist through phone and email consultations as well