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TRICK or TREAT ~ Halloween and Pumpkin timeAnd things that go Bump in the Night     By Roshandra..feng shui practitioner and intuitive and medium.        The Art of Centering ~ feng shui * interior design ~ los gatos          Also www.thelotusopens.com  ~ 650-218-0638 Halloween is one of my FAVORITE times of the Year.It is when the Veil is ‘lifted’ between the worlds. Our children celebrate this goblin and ghost time with darling costumes and fantasies of Fairies, Witches, Super Heroes and all kinds of FUN personal alternative personas. I often think of the movies that Bette Midler has been in personifying a neat scary Witch. Also I think of Jack Nicholson in movies like Witches of East Wick.  When we women are in our psychic powers we can intentionally or accidentally create the bumps in the night. On the other hand the history of this time of year is filled with FUN Stories and childhood memories that leave us all feeling the inner child self. I LOVE this time of season and year. A visit a few years back to SALEM Massachusetts brought me a very interesting feeling there. Truly many bumps in the night there and in the haunting of that town and homes. A history of a place leaves a Stigma mark on it and this is true of Salem. But there is also something so profound about Halloween back on the East coast. Although I LOVE the Pumpkin Festival here in Half Moon Bay and remember my daughter’s costumes and sewing it last minute for her heart changes, I absolutely feel as most do Most mystically connected at that All Hallows EVE. The Time of the Harvest and FULL moons we all ENJOY the spirit of this season and the good bumps in the night.   Give those little goblins candy and treats so you may have good blessings coming your way for the season that follows. No Trick just TREAT. Pumpkins are the harvest and a vessel that smiles at the warmth of the season changing. Bright and happy with a Jack o Lantern Grin we Light our Pumpkins and say, “.Happy Halloween Trick or Treat”. .

 The other special day that comes right off All Hallows Eve is All Saints Day. Being Catholic I found celebrating that day November 1st to be always about relatives that had passed over. The custom of lighting a white candle at Church was always followed in my tradition of my family. In Mexico it is the Day of the Dead. Celebrating their loved ones and ancestors that passed over they offer up foods for them and their favorite drink and white candles. I love how this culture of Mexico and Spain devotes a day and night to the Spirits of there loved ones on the other side that are walking amongst them that day. Skeletons of a  happy dance is a way to embrace death as part of life.  A time of Happy fun and music and sounds of the living SPEAK to  the dearly departed ~ They DANCE together and remember and honor them.  Find a White painted Skeleton and enjoy a new custom and find the good part of death that has a Smile and Lighter side.              For the FALL season ~ a feng shui energy tip. CLEAR the energy of the house before Halloween. Get a new stick of Sage. Light it and smudge the inside and outside of your house. Then after that clears, find yourself some really nice Sweet grass at places like Whole foods. Smudge and Bless with sweet grass. Then Light a new White candle For this FALL Season and before Halloween so you may DRAW in the good energy of the children and happy feelings. They will keep you warm thru winter. Also put out a LOT of good treats and remember your JOY of that time. For all SAINTS Day ~ traditionally it is a day of thinking of your relatives and loved ones on the other side.Offer a White 7 day candle for them and your Prayers and GRATITUDE. All be Well

And any bumps in the Night…….email me on ghosts, spirits and angels. Love to help you on that or if you need a clearing of your home or spaces…….Blessings..and On going WARMTH thru the Winter…….Blessings…Roshandra  ~ feng shui ~ The Art of Centering ~theartofcentering@yahoo.com   Los Gatos