Haunted House Sought in Los Angeles Area

I do get folks emailing me who want to buy or sell haunted homes (not in Silicon Valley so far, though). Today’s mailbag includes one from a potential buyer in southern California. The budget is low so fixers and other distressed properties are being targeted – included in that idea  of “distressed” would be haunted or otherwise stigmatized homes. 

Must haves? Liveable (even if a fixer), in or near LA County, single family home. Prefer: at least 2 bedrooms, larger lot.

This person said only “our budget is low” so I’m not sure how low…. Email me privately if you are in or near LA and you have a match.

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  • says:

    I never thought about there being a market for Haunted real estate. It spooks me but still learn about it on TV. I like your blog and will have to return. Take Care

  • jameswillisisthebest says:

    This is my first post
    just saying HI

  • DreamSurfer says:


    I don’t know what you mean by a “budget” for a home in LA county, but if you’re specifically looking for something haunted, I’d suggest a particular neighborhood in Valencia called Valencia Hills. Most of these houses (Well, when they were built anyhow)were built on what used to be an Indian burial ground & there seems to be more ancient stuff than that. The houses are track homes, and when they were built were 4-6 bedrooms ( the 4 bedrooms having bonus/game rooms upstairs.) You can Google for streets off of Via Escalera & if you’re sensitive to energies of this sort, I’m sure will have no problem finding the streets & homes that are affected there on the hill.

    I grew up in this neighborhood and can tell you from living there when the homes were new (1969) that there are entire streets that are most definitely haunted in this area (although I’m not sure what kind of haunting you’re looking for.) In some places, there is some seriously negative energy, & since we left there there, I’ve heard that there have been house sales because of peoples’ personalities changing, and I’m not talking for the better, so there are some homes that get sold because of divorces, and sold for way under their market value… A place to check out…

    Another place is Los Feliz Canyon in the Griffith park area. Although I’ve not experienced it myself, you can Google for “The Los Feliz Curse” and there is a legend that goes along with it… Many homes in this area as well are told to be haunted as well. I’ve heard from people who have worked in that area (By the LA Zoo an other places in the area) that there are some pretty nasty entities in that area as well & the same thing happens apparently, the homes sometimes get sold under market because they are “divorce sales.” (although this area is pretty pricey in general there are some homes that aren’t.)

    You might feel the energies in the area and if you find a house where you feel the strong energy, then you might want to knock on the door and simply ask those who live there if they are interested in selling. Our old house was sold, from what I’ve heard, twice exactly that way.

    If you do go into that area, be sure you know how to handle some seriously negative energy & that those in your family do as well (or anyone else living with you for that matter!)

    I won’t mention a specific address, but when we moved into our house in the late 60’s, not only was there a lot of weird things occurring, not only in our house, but in neighbors’ houses on our street and the street above ours and the one below as well. Our neighbors had a contractor start to put in a pool, and while they were digging, they had to stop, as they ran into urns that they later found were filled with ancient human remains. There was a legal battle the ensued between the developer and a local tribe, and the developer won, having a scientist go tell the courts that it was not a burial ground – it was. As far as I know, the remains were taken to either UCLA or USC (this was around 1970.) I recall an article in the paper as well when this happened, so you might be able to find this at the Valencia library (If they still have them, as the library was severely damaged when the sprinklers went off in the 1994 Northridge earthquake, which BTW did some serious damage to many of the homes in that neighborhood as well. (Some say it was because the homes were built on sacred ground & it was spiritual retaliation for the houses being built there without regard.

    Again, if you move into this neighborhood, or even go there, be sure you are “clear” and that you don’t take home any unwanted energies or entities with you.

    I went there after the 1994 quake to see the old neighborhood and my daughter brought home some serious stuff with her & we did a lot of praying and spiritual clean-up work to clear her of what she brought home. (She’s been fine ever since, but at the time, it was quite scarey, and ghosts, etc. don’t usually bother me at all!)

    Needless to say, there’s some serious stuff in that neighborhood that needs a respectful spiritual cleanse.

    I hope this is helpful…

    Funny, I was simply searching for something to do on Halloween with my boyfriend when I ran across this site…

    I hope this is helpful & maybe you can do some clearing of not only a house there, but work with others and cleanse the entire neighborhood! Lord knows it needs it!

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