Haunted Real Estate Blog by Mary Pope-Handy mary@popehandy.com

The owner of a haunted Kentucky horse ranch contacted me recently to let me know that it’s for sale, and to ask me to alert my readers to its availability.  Listed on eBay, the property is offered at $249,000.

Info per the seller on eBay: The seven year old manufactured house is a small 3 bed, 2 bath ranch style home and includes five fenced accress, according to the property owner.  Writing on eBay, she says, “I have seen ghosts on more than one occasion on my farm”.  She adds that the ghosts are included but not guaranteed.

I’m not sure what is customary in Kentucky, but the owner asserts that the buyer will pay ALL closing costs and that the sale will be as-is.

For more info, check out her post on eBay.  I’d welcome some feedback – is this a good price, and are they fair terms?