Haunted Real Estate Blog by Mary Pope-Handy mary@popehandy.com

Gena Riede - Sacramento Real Estate Voice blogger and RealtorMy Sacramento Realtor blogger friend, Gena Riede, recently helped some buyers to purchase a home known as Snowball Mansion in Knights Landing that was reputed to be haunted. (Knights Landing is about 40 minutes by car from Sacramento.)  Her clients have now moved in and are experiencing some telltale signs that they may not be alone.  They hear noises – things like drawers opening and closing. Or the doorbell ringing but no one (apparently) there.

Gena tracks the sale through several posts on her blog,  Sacramento Real Estate Voice.Her most recent entry is this one: Are There Ghosts at Snowball Mansion? Here she details her clients’ experience since moving in and tells readers about the paranormal team that investigates it.  If you’d like to read her series in order, here are the earlier posts:

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