Hauntings on Senter Road House in San Jose (continued)

In July we had a flurry of comments here from a post about the haunted house on Senter Road in San Jose. Recently I met again with some Silicon Valley ghosthunters, some of whom were familiar with it but at that time, no one had the address – though at least one knew where it was.

Today I was doing some surfing and found a site that claims to have more info on this apparently notorious place. The address was actually on Hellyer (not Senter) but it may be the same story. Looks like an exact address had, at one time, been posted and then removed.  And it’s for the best to not include the precise address, I think, because you don’t want to be guilty of stigmatizing a house or causing the owners trouble.

Right now I’m in a transaction for a darling old Spanish style home in San Jose’s Japantown (one of only three Japantowns left in the U.S.). I was in the home with my buyer and a worker, who was giving us an estimate on some work, when a creepy looking guy decided that the “for sale” sign in front constituted an invitation to saunter into the back yard and have a look. What is wrong with people?!

So it’s bad enough in the case of some real estate sales. With ghosthunting, you just don’t want to give people a reason to poke around uninvited. Some folks do not understand the concept of private property (haunted or not). You don’t go into someone’s private home or yard without permission – whether it’s for sale or haunted or anything else.

For that reason, I’ll not repeat the address I stumbled upon here and will ask participants to NOT give the precise address, but I would like more info in case the Hellyer Road addressed haunted house is the same as the Senter Road one.

Info, anyone?

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