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  1. Ramona
    November 26, 2007

    Yes you are indeed talking about the same house and yes it is located on Hellyer Avenue. I’m not sure if I’m giving away too much detail since you said not to give the actual address, but I will mention that it is located on the corner of Hellyer and Senter (maybe this is why they refer to it as the Senter Road House). The house is a very nice looking single story home, and from the outside, you would think it’s actually habited, but it’s actually been vacant for quite some time. It was on the market for a while, and as I was told by third parties, that it was sold once or twice before, but the homeowners were FORCED to leave by whatever or whoever co-inhabits that property. I also learned that in order to help sell the property, the former house was completely torn down and rebuilt into what is now standing there, but obviously this didn’t do the trick. The house has been vacant and off the market (FOR THE OBVIOUS REASONS) for at least 1 year, AT LEAST. According to my source of information, there was a suicide committed there about 8 years ago(?). Other than this, I have no further information, but I would love to learn more, like for example: Where did you originally find out about the house on “Senter Road” a.k.a. “Hellyer Avenue”?


  2. MQ
    January 1, 2008

    This house is located at the corner of Hellyer Avenue and Senter Rd. It’s the corner house with the black gates around. My friends and I went there, noticed a bright light on… when approached closer, a second light appeared (probably sensored). Afterwards as we came nearer to the fence an alarm turned on and we left. I’m sure the alarm goes on because people are aware that kids come around trying to find some kind of paranormal experiences but yeah. If you do any investigation and find any further information please inform us on your website!


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