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This lengthy, fascinating email came to me on Friday, July 20th, and I was given permission by the sender to share it. Amazing stuff! -Mary

Blur - photo by Mary Pope-HandyHi Mary,

My story is:

In 1999, my husband and I bought a basic, simple and very average tract home built circa 1975, in Union City, California.  There was nothing about this simple-white-with-blue trim home that said “haunted”, but it was. 

What we noticed first was seeing movement out of the corners of our eyes.  It actually got annoying because if you looked, you would see nothing.  Also, late at night I would be the only one up working on the computer in the front room and was always bothered by the sensation of someone behind me, watching me.  I got so tired of turning around that I forced myself not to look after awhile.

Curiosity got to me so I finally put a voice-activated tape recorder in that room one night when I knew our children (my sons from a previous relationship and his daughter from a previous) would be away for the weekend.  The next morning I found that I did get an EVP on tape.  It was a child’s voice and it sounded like he/she were saying “I’m sorry.  It’s not my fault.”  I felt instantly “motherely” and safe thinking we had a child’s ghost here so I put the recording away and soon forgot about it.

Things continued to escalate with the electronics.  We had put in a ceiling fan with remote control in the master bedroom and it would turn itself on all the time, day and night, even though the control panel said it was off.  Sometimes I would wake up to find the ceiling light on. I got so tired of it that one day when I was alone and walked into the bedroom and saw the fan on low, I said outloud “Fine, have it on if you want to so much!”  Then I got into the shower.  When I got out, the fan was on it’s highest speed and was shaking violently.  Suddenly I felt that it wasn’t just the child’s ghost here. This spirit had anger issues.  There seemed to be a cloud of negativity around us and when he, the angry one, almost started a fire in the kitchen by turning a burning on high when no one was in there, I decided he had to go and the next day I “kicked” him out.  It worked because all the issues with the electronics stopped and the feelin g around the house was much lighter.  Later my step daughter told me that she used to see a dark man in her room and was scared to death of him.

At this point the only activity was centered around my 3-year-old and me.  I would smell smoke in the house and no one else would notice.  I even woke up on at least two occassions feeling like I was choking from thick smoke.  It was so extreme that I couldn’t sleep because I felt like couldn’t breathe.  I would check the house and find nothing.  (I found out by a psychic friend that a boy had died in a fire at this location.  He didn’t burn to death, he died of smoke inhalation, hence the smoke I was experiencing.)  It was during this time I discovered that my 3 1/2 year-old daughter was a natural born medium.  Before she could speak in sentences, she would wake up at night crying, “I ‘cared.  He crying.”  Thats all she could say.  But later on I saw her having 1-sided conversations with someone around the house.  One day we were playing kick-ball in the backyard and  she stopped in mid-kick and turned to some unseen person and said, “stop it!  It’s my ball!”  I asked her who she was talking to and she said. “Oh, it’s just the boy but I told him he can’t play with my ball.”  Again I felt all was well until the incidences of Annika being woken up in night increased to where I was getting frustrated.  Finally one morning at about 4 a.m., after having to get Annika and bring her into bed with me I found myself getting really frustrated.  Annika was laying in the center of the bed and I was on my side, facing her.  That’s when I heard him.  I heard a child’s voice directly behind me, pleading, “help me.”  That’s when I realized that all this time this child was distressed and I had ignored it.  I remembered all the nights Annika would wake up saying, “he’s crying” and didn’t act on it.  Poor child.  I whispered that I heard him & that I promised that I would get help.  Annika wanted back in her own bed and this tim e, she wasn’t disturbed.  The next morning I got a hold of my psychic friend and he said he would talk him over to the other side.  He did say to  be aware of  activity in the next 24 hours.  The day after he was “talked over” to the other side, I felt an emptiness and change in the enviornment.  I felt sad like I lost someone.  That night I woke up with the feeling of static electricity in the air.  All of our children (except Annika this time) were woken up by their bedroom doors opening and closing during the night, at the same time. It scared Shayla, my step-daughter, so much that she was screaming for help.  (She was already weary-worn from the years of activity.) Edward, my psychic friend, said it was the boy saying goodbye.

Now Mary, I could write so much more because we have gone through two other ghosts since then.  One was at our house in Union City, whom Annika described as a girl in a dress with blood all over her head and clothes, “Cause she got killed, mommy”.  That one Annika actually crossed over herself by yelling at her to “Go home! Go home now!” after she got tired of fighting with her. I was getting tired of it too.  Annika was always trying to get me tell the girl, Nancy, to stop it.  There’s nothing weirder than looking at a wall and telling something unseen to behave.  The other one was here in Hayward.  I moved to a townhouse in Hayward when my husband and I separated last summer.  Annika told me that we had a ghost of an old woman downstairs and my sons agreed.  They got scared downstairs at night and would run upstairs when they were there alone. Annika and I sat on the stairs and crossed her over. So now, we are ghost free, but Edward said for us to expect more  because high-vibrational people like Annika, attract them.  At least now I have the experience to deal with it!