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Yesterday, this comment was left on the Haunted Real Estate Blog regarding a home on a street in east San Jose:

Lam Huynh Says:
July 21st, 2007 at 6:09 am e
I hear from some one said near 7 eleven store at senter road CA san jose ( one of the house leave emty more them 5 years), someone said that wes haunter house, can anyone investigate on this. cross street have a big suppert market. I for got the name is (senter food or center food), can any one update or share the information about this?

A friend of mine, Deb Wible, collects ghost stories in San Jose. So I took this question to her and this was her response today:

When my son went to a prom at the Scottish Rites center in St. James
Park, I was talking to 3 policemen on duty outside the building. I told
them I was interested in haunted sites in San Jose, and asked if they
knew of any. Two laughed, but one said there is a house on Senter that
is so haunted no one will stay in it! My husband and I drove up and down
Senter, which divides into 2 streets, but we couldn’t tell which house
it was.
Deb Wible

Anyone else have more infomation on the house on Senter Road, San Jose?