More On Senter Road Ghost (San Jose)

Yesterday, this comment was left on the Haunted Real Estate Blog regarding a home on a street in east San Jose:

Lam Huynh Says:
July 21st, 2007 at 6:09 am e
I hear from some one said near 7 eleven store at senter road CA san jose ( one of the house leave emty more them 5 years), someone said that wes haunter house, can anyone investigate on this. cross street have a big suppert market. I for got the name is (senter food or center food), can any one update or share the information about this?

A friend of mine, Deb Wible, collects ghost stories in San Jose. So I took this question to her and this was her response today:

When my son went to a prom at the Scottish Rites center in St. James
Park, I was talking to 3 policemen on duty outside the building. I told
them I was interested in haunted sites in San Jose, and asked if they
knew of any. Two laughed, but one said there is a house on Senter that
is so haunted no one will stay in it! My husband and I drove up and down
Senter, which divides into 2 streets, but we couldn’t tell which house
it was.
Deb Wible

Anyone else have more infomation on the house on Senter Road, San Jose?

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  • says:

    This house is located on the corner of senter and hellyer, which is south of capital expressway by maybe a couple miles. if you are traveling south down senter road, you make a left onto hellyer and it is the first house right there on the corner on your left hand side. There is some kind of a storage box in the front yard if this helps you identify it. Let me know if you find anything, I’ve been searching stories on it on the internet but can’t find anything. Thanks.

  • says:

    is the house on senter in san jose, ca.? does anyone know the exact address? is it for sale? what’s the back story?

  • Brent Malloy says:

    Yes, at work today, 3 of my coworkers had heard of this house and were talking about it. Apparently, 3 people were murdered here and people have moved in and moved out within a week. It is at Senter and Hellyer on the corner on the left hand side when you are traveling south. Never been there but would like to check it out. I love this ghost stuff.

  • Cdell says:

    We were just discussing this house on during a lunch meeting. We work on Senter Road. The house has had many people living there here and there but they would soon move out. It has to have been over ten years since there has been a ghost since my coworker would pass by there on her way to high school. It was also said, not for sure, that is was a young Asian girl who hung herself in the garage. I have tried to look more into it for the sake of being curios and have only come across this site’s blog. The house is kept in good condition! Just drove by it. There is a iron fence around the yard which has the boulders and the blinds are closed tight. How would one find the true mystery behind what happened and to know who has had experience living in the house. Must be pretty bad to not be there long.

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  • mike says:

    this house is actually in south san jose…and it is in the inersection of senter and hellyer..
    rumors say people were killed there and some suicides.Local’s call it {SEnter of hell.}

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