Haunted Real Estate Blog by Mary Pope-Handy mary@popehandy.com

We (Haunted Real Estate Blog) have just moved. The new permanent URL will be simply www.HauntedRealEstateBlog.com (instead of www.HauntedRealEstateBlog.Wordpress.com). Several days ago I signed up for hosting at GoDaddy, and my 17 year old whiz kid son has been getting things set up so that this blog could be moved to the new “place” on the web. It’s going to take me a little while to get the look and feel the way I want it and to learn the ins and outs of how to run the blog from the new location. My understanding is that if I host it myself, instead of on the wordpress.com site, I have a little more leeway and ability to add bells and whistles.

Thanks in advance for your patience. Meanwhile, please visit my page at www.HauntedRealEstate.com for other interesting stuff along these lines!

Warm regards from Silicon Valley,

Mary Pope-Handy
Realtor and Collector of Ghost Stories