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 Cecil Duarte is another Realtor buddy of mine. He works the Phoenix metro area market and he shared the following story of an unusual open house. Wow! Thanks for sharing, Cecil! Great story. Below is his unedited tale.

I took a listing several years ago from a long time client in the Phoenix area. When I met him at the property which was an occupied townhome- He never mentioned anything about a ghost.

It was during an open house later into the listing that I was in the living room and saw an image or what I thought was the client coming into the home and since I was just busy with my work on the laptop- had not heard him come in. I shouted- “ Gosh David- you came back to check on me so soon?” I got no answer so I thought he had gone into the bedroom (since the door was now closed). I do not close and actually go around any property that we are holding open to give it a more open feeling and this was no different. It was open earlier when I had started the open house.

Assuming that he was either in the bathroom or had come back from fighting with his soon to be ex-wife- I just left it alone and knew he would come out and talk with me once his emotions had calmed down.

I continued working on my laptop and also conscience that no prospects had walked through the house so I thought – “GREAT- the small kids in the neighborhood- have either kicked or turned my open house signs around”. I locked up and left to check- still thinking that David needed some time alone.

When I returned- the bedroom door was wide open but no Client. I looked for a note from David and seeing none, went into the bedroom and saw no signs of anyone having laid down earlier. I gave it no more thought and just waited for another 2 hours till the open house was scheduled to close down.

I was supposed to close the open house at 2 pm before it got too hot here in Phoenix but about 45 mintes or at 1:15pm- My client David and his two daughters walk in and say “WELL did you sell our place yet”. I laughed and said- David, you were here earlier and saw that no one was coming through- so why the questions? He looked at me and with a look of bewilderment said “Cecil, I did not come home but went to pick up my kids and took them to Lunch. Oh NO- you were visited by the GHOST!!”

I laughed and said YEAH RIGHT, you have a ghost and all three of them looked up at me and almost simultaneously said “ OH YES – WE SURE DO HAVE A GHOST- BUT HE IS FRIENDLY’

They went on to tell me how at night – the toilet seat would be left up and David having two small girls had already been trained to keep it down. David shared how he had clearly but like in a sort of foggy imager – had on several occasions seen a young man who was dressed in a painter or carpenter coveralls, walking across the kitchen floor and carrying or dragging some lumber. David said, “Oh he is a cool guy- he just goes outside every day and I think he goes to work but I never see him come back in – ONLY leaving”

I freaked for I had never encountered a ghost and my logic told me that David was just trying to “pull my chain”

But the innocence of little children will a lot of times hit you solid with the truth. “OH NO, CECIL WE HAVE SEEN HIM TOO AND HE DOES NOT LIKE THE REFRIGERATOR CLOSED SO HE ALWAYS OPENS IT AND WANTS IT OPEN”

That was enough for me – I never went back and the home sold and have no idea of what ever happened from there

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