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Would You Live in a Haunted House? Annie Wilder Does!

Annie Wilder has lived in a haunted house for the last ten years, and she has no plans to move.  She has an appreciative sense of adventure about the whole thing.  To get a glimpse into her experience, read her article, “Living With Spirits“, found on the Llewelyn site.

A friend of mine sent this to me because Annie ties together her religious upbringing (raised Catholic) with her comfortableness, generally, with the concept of spirits and an awareness of the existence of the deceased.  That is not unlike the answer I offer when people ask about my interest in ghosts and my background (I’m Catholic with degrees in theology, a field I love even if it’s not my paid employment at this time in my life). 

Annie is a good writer and I suspect that the two books she’s written are as nicely put together as this article.  I plan to give them a read this year.