The Los Gatos and Saratoga Area Home Just Too Nice to Leave

Along a windy, tree-studded road near the Los Gatos and Saratoga border area there are many large custom homes on big lots. One of them, decades old and lovingly designed, built, and decorated, may well have something the rest of them don’t: a former owner too fond of the place to leave. What makes this even more unique is that she’s dead.

One Realtor, also a broker-manager, Harry Murray, tells me that he heard from two independent sources that this particular home has a benevolent ghost who’s seen in her nightgown in the room which was once her bedroom. She has been identified as the original owner.

Another Realtor who does not believe in ghosts and who sold this home within the last 10 years denies that it’s haunted and says that he’s never heard the rumors that Harry has heard about it.

Is this house haunted? If so, the ghost does not seem to be a scary one. I will see what more I can find out and elaborate on this potential haunt-spot when I get more information.

About Harry:

Harry Murray is Vice President of J. Rockcliff Realtors and Manager of the Danville, CA office.  He formerly worked in Silicon Valley for decades as a Realtor and manager in Saratoga, CA.  He is extremely well known and well respected in the industry here. He can be reached at his office, (925) 855-4000 or by email at

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