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RoshandraToday’s post is written by Roshandra, a Los Gatos area intuitive and feng shui practitioner.

Trick or TREAT time ~ Halloween 2008. Where does the TIME go as we are entering Halloween? This time of year is one of my favorites. My work and ‘gifts’ bring me into this Realm of Ghost Whispering and ‘seeing’ things most others do not see.  

During this time of Halloween and just before All Saints Day, we enter the most haunted time of the year 

Jack O LanternAll Hallows, which is Halloween, or October 31st and All Saints Day, which  November 1st are the days for the dearly beloved that have passed over. It’s when the VEILS of energy between our world and the world of Spirit is the thinnest.  This is the time as children we enjoy trick or treat. Playing with the ideas of spirit and ghosts. We also have experiences at this time of the year that can often MAKE the most non-believer a BELIEVER. 

Living in Los Gatos, I am always delighted to explore the older buildings in town that many say and see as haunted. Recently a dear friend of mine that is a nurse at Good Sam was saying to me I had to visit the old funeral parlor in town.  It had been renovated into a great high end eatery. It’s very, very nice spot now.

She asked me all kinds of questions on how people can put a business into a place like a funeral parlor and be ok with that. Some people will not go or eat there due to it being a previous funeral parlor.  On the other hand she suggested she wanted me to ‘read it ‘and we set off to explore it. She was concerned about a dear young male chef, a friend of hers who just started working there. He had just returned from Las Vegas and under Wolf Gang Puck and the new chef he would be working under at this Los Gatos place also worked under Wolf Gang Puck. The Sous Chef was a ‘sensitive and he loved his work’. So we set off to see what I could read on this Local HIP EATERY in Los Gatos. Funeral Parlor turned restaurant in Los GatosAs we walked up to the Victorian yellow house and former funeral parlor I was INSTANTLY aware of the spirits noting that a ‘seer’ was entering. Spirit does delight in that that some can ‘see’ them and they do want to communicate and share their stories.  Most Spirits I find to be of a GOOD nature and wanting to be helpful and most of them are very curious about us and will try to do things to make us aware of them.

So join me on the tour!

Entering you go thru a HUGE foyer area. For sure the first part you FEEL the old energy of years gone by and you enter an energy of spiritual loved ones that passed on. BUT when you enter the SECOND door of NEW WOOD and gorgeous architecture you can FEEL SOLID in this world and feel the NEW energies of business and design.Turning to my friend I said, “walking in feels like New Orleans. Spirits and a tunnel energy and lots of ghosts. But once you enter this second doorway you feel the NEW ENVELOPE of the eatery.” She smiled asking me to share more.   Meantime her tingles went from mild bumps on her skin to FULL huge bumps and hairs standing on end. When you are around the metaphysical like that you FEEL what you can not see but there is a TRUTH in the knowing.  We entered the bar area and again I could feel the energies of some key spirits over looking shoulders there enjoying the smells of a drink and the intoxication that brings when people do that.  Spirit loves the spirits of liquor and strong coffee and cigar smoke and favorite foods.  They take in those smells and aromas.  We then quickly walked into the dinning room I could feel the envelope of new paint and carpets and nicely pressed table clothes and waiters taking polite orders. Wine being served and candles and all the delight of a nice dinner with excellence. This gives an insulation to an environment even if it is haunted.   

We left that area and to the foyer and a staircase. It was well worn and I could FEEL lots of energy spirits going on up there but felt I should NOT walk into that area… I then saw the stair well down to the kitchen area where her friend the young chef worked and asking me a question she said. IS “Is he safe there?”. I smiled and said“He’s working and he’s with others and of course he’s safe.” And then added” this is the spookiest spot of the house. That the embalming area downstairs is where the corpses where prepared for the wakes.” We Both smiled since now that is the cooking area. Smile ~  ah interesting We felt it was time to leave and I felt that sense of time to go.When I enter into ‘reading a house or spaces like this you want to stay in the real World’ and not spend too much time there. After all that’s the world of Spirit and our world is being here in this world.

We walked out the main entrance and into the garden in front and I said “wow, that place is extremely hopping haunted”. She laughed and said that her body bumps where still there. I said “did you enjoy the haunted house tour and the energies?” She replied that it was fun to go with me and see her own body reactions even stronger then her first time thru the restaurant. When you are experiencing the Spirit of a place like in Real Estate or a haunted mansion, do so with someone that is sensitive and have FUN exploring.Be sure for All Hallows eve to light a candle of white for the ancestor spirits and the ghosts that roam on that DAY and NIGHT…….remember there are many good spirits there for us and many are meant to be there as part of our world joins part of the other world.Bumps in the NIGHT can be FUN if you go slow and read the signs. J 

Warmest Regards,


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