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Because of my Haunted Real Estate page (www.HauntedRealEstate.com), I get emails at times from folks who either want to buy or sell a haunted place.

Germaine's Haunted House in ArizonaThis week I got an email from Germaine, and she was pleased that I offered to post her information on the home she has to sell here on this blog. Photos and information are hers and I can warrant none of it. She writes:

“The house is in Tucson, right now it is on a trailer and can be moved anywhere. An old woman died in it. The rumor in the neighborhood where it sat was that it was haunted. It sat vacant for years, the neighbors near it now say they hear voices from inside the house at night. I’ve attached a picture. It is made of redwood and was built in the early 1930s or earlier as one of the Depresssion Era work projects, it was a dwelling at a small research facility called the Desert Grasslands Station on an experimental range south of Tucson. In 1959 it was sDesert Grasslands Station from 1935old at auction and moved into Tucson. A woman lived in it (and still might) untill she died in the ’80s. I’ve attached a picture. I also attached a picture of it in the Desert
Grassland Station in 1935.”
Germaine didn’t give me an asking price, and it appears that when this home is sold it’s really just the structure (no land). (A little hard to get “comps” for a house this unique!)  If you are interested, please contact her directly at germaine@deepsouthwest.com