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If you’re selling a home with a ghost, you must disclose it.
Broderick Perkins: Do You See Dead People? Disclose, Disclose, Disclose 
Selling a Haunted House: Disclose! New York legal case….
Ex ghost facto? Caveat spectre? What NOT to do if you’re selling a haunted house.  
A stigmatized home will sell for less than similar properties nearby.
From CNN Money: The Impact of Selling a Haunted House on Price 
Sometimes people love their homes too much to leave! This story was reported in a CT website but actually occurred in Iowa.
Realtors selling haunted house in Iowa 
Real estate’s scary side
Three beds, two baths, one ghost. A haunting tale.
CNN Money Article on Selling Haunted Houses 
And then there are people who purposely buy a home known to be inhabited by those unseen!
New Jersey couple buys big Victorian home with a little something “extra” 
This makes for an unusual transaction: the sellers of a home in Great Britain want their ghost to remain at the house, “where he belongs”, after they sell it.
Home sellers in Wales want buyers to keep the ghost 
“A Ghost Is Living in This House” – Korean film
A house for sale, Ghost Included (movie – Korea) 
The house-for-sale ad in Saturday’s paper starts out like many others – bedrooms, bathrooms, formal dining room – but then it lists a unique feature: resident ghost. (Eugene, Oregon)
For Sale: Haunted House 
This honest Cleveland homeseller explains that his home has many features, including a ghost.
House for Sale, 26 Rooms, One Ghost – How Much Is That Ghost In The Window? 
This place was for sale in 2001. I have no idea if it ever sold or not….
Pittsburg, PA – Mansion with a ghost 
It’s now an inn, but this stately structure has served many purposes over the years and apparently one resident just never wanted to leave…. It’s for sale if you’d like to check it out.
Snow Hill, Maryland – The Haunted Snow Hill Inn is for sale 
By Raine Zygmunt, a Connecticut real estate licensee, is the author of the mystery novel “The She-Wood,” a story about a real estate salesperson who must sell a stigmatized property.
LAW: Stigmatized Property  
Financing can be a challenge to get with some stigmatized properties. In this case, an orange-peel throwing ghost’s presence convinced the appraiser that the home’s value was negatively impacted. See also
New Mexico home appraisal lowered because of ghost 
Washington Post article from 2002 – well written covering the topic generally and some stories to “flesh it out”.
Nice to Know A House Is Haunted 
By By David S. Jones of From The Real Estate Center, October 2005 – about selling stigmatized as well as haunted homes. Well written article – thanks to Broderick Perkins of Deadline News for pointing this out to me.
Selling Spooky Houses 
Also from the Real Estate Center, this helpful PDF addresses more issues surrounding the sale of stigmatized properties.
When Bad Things Happen to Good Properties 
This piece discusses another article, by Stephanie Rosenbloom in the New York Times (04/30/06), today available at but I believe the NYT will archive it soon and then it won’t be viewable without an acct at the Times.
Buyers Regret Not Asking: Anyone Die Here? 
Thanks to Les Wible ( for getting me this link via his wife, Deb. A few months ago, 20/20 did a piece that showed a stigmatized home MAY go up in value after the passage of a significant amount of time (more than a few months or a year) and if the crime was famous. This article seems to support that concept.
Impact of Stigmas – Crime Scenes 
An interesting article that also lists some famous stigmatized homes and their sales history.
WSJ article on The Scandal Effect 
Stigmatized properties article from August 2006.
USA Today: For Sale, The Scene of a Crime 
A New York City area Realtor with the Corcoran Group, Wendy Sarasohn, brings her high-level of intuition to play in the arena of home buying or selling. If a place needs a clearing, she’ll get it handled. Matching people to properties seems to be a natural for her.
Wendy Sarasohn – an agent with special skills 

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