Haunted R.E. to Buy or Sell

So you want to buy a haunted property? Or you want to sell one? 

There’s no large database of haunted homes needing living residents, or of buyers seeking a home with a little something extra. But below please find links to articles about haunted homes for sale and online bulletin boards for buyers seeking homes or homes needing buyers. If you are aware of other such sites, please alert me and I’ll add them here. Enjoy! 

From the San Diego Paranormal group, who’s assisting sellers and buyers (and agents) in matching people to houses. A great idea, I have not seen anything like this anywhere else on the web!
Haunted Listings, Buyers Seeking Haunted Homes 
An interesting article with what sounds like a friendly ghost inhabiting a beloved home.
Haunted House in Florida for sale 
The Moss Beach Distillery sits on a bluff overlooking the spectacular Pacific Ocean. Historically intriguing, it was once a speakeasy – and a bordello. Stunning location, facinating history, plus great food and service. What more could you want? How about a ghost? The famous “blue lady” was a frequent patron and was murdered on the beach nearby. Apparently she’s having too much fun to leave, even now, decades later. The lore of the ghost seems to draw clientele as much as the food and views. Moss Beach is convenient to San Francisco and Half Moon Bay and is just a one hour drive from most of the San Jose area. Check it out!
Moss Beach Distillery, with views and ghost, for sale 

People sometimes email me about buying or selling haunted properties. Here are some excerpts of emails from those who seek haunted homes to buy.Sept 2007
Areas sought: Alabama, New England, or elsewhere
” I was just wondering if you knew of any resources for out of state haunted
listings. We’re looking on the cheap (under 70k total). . . .The primary reason for looking into a haunted location isn’t so much cashing in on someone’s difficulties in selling, rather, the curiosity of the thing. While I don’t DISbelieve in ghosts, I have as yet to find
any reliable evidence of their existence, and having a haunted home
would be a fun way to explore it.”

June 2007
Areas sought: Southern California, within about 30 minutes from Hollywood is ideal but anywhere in LA County might work

This couple is looking for a fixer at or under $400,000 and would like to find a Realtor in the LA area that specializes in haunted or stigmatized properties.  “i’d love to find a home in los angeles county or the surrounding areas that is liveable, but a fixer. preferably a large lot and two bedrooms, will consider one though. the only thing is, our budget is low, so i was hoping to find a property that is old and curiously low priced…”

And please check out this link too:

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