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Ghost tours can be found all over the US in big cities, especially in the older districts. Here is a sampling for you, but it is not an exhaustive list – so if you’re interested in catching a ghost tour when you travel and it’s not listed here, do a Google search or check the local chamber of commerce to see if one is offered. By the way, I took the pic to the left on the Monterey Tour. Unfortunately I can only post pics of up to 40b here – I wish I could post it at a larger size so you could see the dozens of bright orbs in this scene. But you can make out some of them, even in this very, very small photo. 

*Take a three hour walking tour of San Francisco and learn about its spooky past! Who knows what you might see? I did it and was amazed – the BEST ghost tour I’ve attended yet.
San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour 
*This is a 90 minute tour (but the night I did it, it was about 2 and a half hours – I guess we asked a lot of questions!). There’s a lot of history covered, so it’s a neat way to give your kids some of that. When my family and I did this tour (August 2005), I took a lot of photos and in several there were many, many orbs. The skeptics will say they were dust, but I don’t think so!!
Ghost Walk of Old Monterey 
San Diego’s Old Town is one of the most well-known hot spots for ghosts anywhere. People are just dying to go on the ghost tour!
San Diego, California Ghost Tour 
Doesn’t look like this one goes year-round, but is offered in October in anticipation of Halloween. And it appears to have a lot of history (as many of the ghost tours do).
Old Sacramento Ghost Tour 
Boston’s got a rich & spooky history. This will make learning some of it a lot more interesting!
Boston’s Ghost & Graveyard Tours 
Alexandria’s original Ghost and Graveyard tour, a six-block walking tour with a colonial costumed guide. Learn about ghost stories, legends and folklore about colonial Alexandria.
Alexandria Colonial Tours 
Chicago has its share of colorful spooks too. No surprise given its history!
Chicago Supernatural Tours 
New Orleans can be a creepy, spooky place – all that vodoo just seems to affect their air. Not surprisingly, they have vodoo & cemetery tours in addition to “plain old” ghost tours. This ghost tour is, of course, in the old French Quarter. We are hoping that after the cleanup from Hurricanes Katrina and Rita tht this tour will be back in action – so though it’s currently closed, I want to keep mentioning it. They’ll be back!
Haunted French Quarter Walk 
San Antonio, Texas, is the home of The Alamo and many, many ghosts. The website states “189 Alamo defenders and 1600 Mexican troops were killed here, many without the benefit of a proper burial, leaving many souls in search of eternal life, thus making San Antonio one of the most haunted cities in America.” Having been through the Alamo, though unfortunately not on the ghost tour, I don’t doubt it. It feels haunted to me!
Hauntings History of San Antonio Ghost Hunt 
Tuscon, Arizona, hosts a seasonal ghost tour (from September through April each year). Their website seems to be one of the most detailed on the subject matter I’ve seen.
Walking Tour of Tuscon’s Haunted, Historic Downtown 
*The area of Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg Virginia is wonderfully dense in history – and ghosts! We recently did a walking lantern tour of Yorktown with my extended family, but I’m not finding them on the web. I highly recommend it as this area was active in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars – extremely interesting stuff, even for the non-ghost hunter crowd!
The Original Ghosts of Williamsburg Candlelight Tour 
*Cape May, New Jersey, is a great spot to vacation. It’s historically significant and interesting, it’s right on the water, and it has the largest “Boardwalk” type amusement park I’ve ever seen with three piers full of rides. The ghost stories are incredible though, and a must-do! They pride themselves on documented & experienced events. Check out the website. My family did this tour on one of our reunions and it was a big hit.
Haunted Cape May Tours 
A tour of Savannah, GA, which is highly acclaimed by tour books and appears to be backed by a lot of research. This was one of the first places to host a ghost tour in the US, and I really hope to attend it someday.
Savannah Ghost Walk Ghost Talk Tour 
We return to see Jim’s family every other summer and I hope to go on this tour, as well as the one in Arlington, while there. (I’ll be lucky if I find time to sqeeze in one, but hope springs eternal!)
Washington, DC, Ghost Walk 
Now here is a cool option: if you can’t make it to Seattle for this lively ghost tour, you can buy the DVD and feel like you’ve been (Ok, mostly – sometimes the camera doesn’t show absolutely everything the guide discusses). But it’s a great show, very entertaining and interesting. I will plan to go next time I’m in Seattle. Want to attend? The phone
number is 206 365 3739 and the guide is Jake (a woman). You can email her at She’s a great storyteller and knows her stuff!
Haunted Happenings: A Seattle Ghost Tour 

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