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When I started  writing about haunted real estate in the fall of 2004, I thought most folks who’d read what’s here and follow the links would be interested in stigmatized or haunted properties. I thought some might be interested in finding haunted spots to visit, like hotels or via ghost tours. And I figured I’d get a spike in attention just before Halloween, so decided I should add events and so on in October of each year. 

What I didn’t expect, though, was when people would contact me as to how to FIND and BUY a haunted place (see other section for info on haunted homes for sale and buyers seeking to purchase haunted houses). And even more, I hadn’t anticipated people calling me about what to do with a “problem” ghost.  

Alright, so here’s the deal: I have had some ghostly experiences and I am a little intuitive. But I don’t see ghosts (try as I might) and I have no special gifts or talents for “clearing” them out of someone’s home either. My approach would be to talk (outloud) to the spirit person and ask him or her, nicely, to please move along or at least co-exist quietly. Some of them don’t know they’re dead and may not appreciate being told so. And I’m not expecially subtle – OK, I am blunt – so it’s very possible my approach may backfire. 

But I know someone who can help (and have had friends suggest others as well). Michael Bates is a friend of mine who is an extremely gifted clairvoyant and healer who can assist you with a problem ghost or to answer questions about visitors who may be popping in from the next life. You can read a little about him at If you have a problem with a ghost or poltergeist, I am happy to talk to you about it and to offer you some resources, but the person at the top of my list of those resources would be Michael. He can talk to you by phone and give you a quick insight as to what is going on. His fees are extremely reasonable for the work he does. Michael can be reached at (707) 585-9714. Please tell him where you got his name/number. And best of luck to you! 

Recently I was introduced to another person who may be able to help you in this area too. Her name is Andrea Morese and she is a San Jose psychic. You can find her on the web at or and by phone at 408-209-2278. Andrea often works with a team, including Psychic and Feng Shui Consultant Joyce Kennedy and Clairvoyant/Medium Kristy Cook. The refer to the team effort as “The Power of Three”. Together they may take 2-3 hours to do their workup at the affected house. They are not in this to debunk or undercut anyone’s experience, but rather to help clear the space for you and help those who are stuck to cross over. I have met Andrea in person and can assure you that she is easy to work with.

Christine Jette: On Ghosts and Spirit Guides
Santa Clara County Ghost Tracker Society – see also
Ghost Trackers (Silicon Valley) 
The nice folks at the Santa Clara County Ghost Trackers Society allowed me to join them at Brookdale Lodge in Felton for a filming of “Dead Famous”. They had a parapsychologist in attendance, a psychic and a medium. It was an interesting experience!
British TV Show “Dead Famous” is a unique site featuring dead famous people, plus links on related subjects like, obituaries, and other interesting tools…. 
I keep telling people that “haunted real estate” is not a niche market since dead people don’t buy homes…they just “stay in possession after transfer”. Oy! I got written up in Realty Times for this, enjoy!
Broderick Perkins’ article, “Ghosts Have To Live Somewhere” 
From the hollow hill website, a page of practical suggestions. (No, I haven’t tried any of these out. But then, I don’t have a problem ghost.)
Some suggestions on how to get rid of a problem ghost 
Also from Hollow Hill, here’s a list of practical suggestions if you are actively looking to find ghosts: what to do, what not to do on a ghost hunt.
Guidelines for Ghost Hunters 
Distance learning available. Loyd Auerback teaches a course that covers “the basic skills and understanding for investigation of ghosts, poltergeists, haunted places and related psychic experiences”. Please click on the link and check it out. The course is available for continuing ed in some fields, but also is available at a lesser cost for those not wanting or needing the credit. I have met Loyd and can recommend him to you. Enjoy!
Take a course on Ghost Hunting! 

Other favorite haunts – NOT local to the San Francisco Bay Area:

Haunted & Historic Virginia (a list of many places).
List of Haunted Places in Virginia 

Scenic Occoquan, Virginia, is a charming 200 year old town about an hour south of DC on the Fairfax County & Prince William County borders. It is one of my favorite little places to visit when we travel east to see my husband’s family. The local merchant’s association of Occoquan is so extraordinarily ghost-watcher-friendly that the town map includes a legend with info on each haunted building and what is known of each ghost. I’ve been there twice and have found the shopkeepers more than willing to tell of their experiences, if any. On the history page of the community website there’s ghost info about 60% of the way down the page. Enjoy! And if you’re near DC, think about taking a day out of the busy city to see this darling town with its step back in time feel. It’s nicely preserved, the shops are great and so are the people.
History & Ghosts of Occoquan 

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